5 Signs You Have Ghosts ...


5 Signs You Have Ghosts ...
5 Signs You Have Ghosts ...

Many are afraid of ghosts, while many are fascinated by them. As for me, I would fit in with the fascination category. There is just something about these paranormal beings that always draw my attention. For those that do not have experience in this field, they may wonder if they have ghosts. For others who have experience, they already know how to tell if they have ghosts. I am going to step into the world of the paranormal with you for a bit and give you 5 signs you have ghosts.

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Things Move

When you are sitting there and something starts to move by itself, then you have a ghost. If there is no other way to explain why it is moving, then wouldn’t you know this is a ghost? I guess some people are just in denial.


Unexplained Noises

In your home, you have some unexplained noises. You have unexplained footsteps, banging and knocking around your home.


Doors and Cabinets Opening and Closing

If you have doors and cabinets that are opening and closing without anyone doing it, then this is a sure sign of a ghost.


Feelings of Being Watched

I do not know about anyone else, but when I am in their presence, I always have a feeling that I am being watched. It is a feeling I cannot explain, but I start to get a heaviness on my chest.


Feelings of Being Touched

Some people have the feeling they are being watched, but the feeling of being touched is another. Some feel something brush up against them. Some will feel a gentle push, nudge or poke.

Those are 5 signs you have ghosts. I know it may be creepy to you at first, but it’s something you learn to deal with. Do you think you have ghosts in your home?

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Hiya sorry for bothering you but I think I might have a ghost in my house, I'm not really sure. One of the most obvious clues is that at night there's a lot of banging on my bedroom door and the staircase creak but everyone is asleep... I've read somewhere that you shouldn't be afraid of ghosts but I just can't help but just be afraid it's a force of habit. Anyway is his a malevolent spirit or a ghost just trying to get my attention?!

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