5 Funny Confessions of a Werewolf ...


5 Funny Confessions of a Werewolf ...
5 Funny Confessions of a Werewolf ...

The following 5 funny confessions of a werewolf consist of quotes from various pack members in the Twilight series. They all do have a sense of humor and some of it comes out in actions, while other times it shows up in little comments they make.

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“like You Saw Just Now, Hanging out around Werewolves Has Its Risks.”

Embry Call said this to Bella in New Moon, right after Paul and Jacob got into a fight in their wolf forms. He said it to lighten the mood, probably to lighten the mood since Bella was a bit freaked out about seeing Paul and Jacob both change into wolves for the first time.


“I Didn’t Want to Kill Girls…even Vampire Girls. Though I Might Make an Exception for That Blonde.”

Jacob was referring to Rosalie in Breaking Dawn when he made this statement. It wasn’t said out loud to anyone; it was more of a thought instead.


“so That’s Why Sam is All Black. Black Heart, Black Fur.”

Quil Ateara made this statement in Eclipse. He says this about their pack leader, Sam, but there’s no mention later if this is an accurate observation or not. Many of the pack members feel Sam is harsh, which is probably why Quil came to this conclusion about the color of Sam’s fur.


“Lucky Thing Ness – Renesmee’s Not Venomous. ‘Cause She Bites Jake All the Time.”

Seth Clearwater said this in Breaking Dawn about Edward and Bella’s baby girl. I think Bella didn’t know that Renesmee wasn’t venomous until this point in the book.


“That’s More than Just a Fashion Statement – It Sucks to Carry Jeans in Your Mouth.”

Jacob said this in Eclipse when he was explaining to Bella why he had to tie his shorts around his leg. This makes the whole shape-shifting thing seem a bit more realistic, since clothing wouldn’t automatically appear on the human’s body after he had just changed from being a wolf.

I thought these quotes from the werewolves of the Twilight series were entertaining. Do you have a favorite quote one of the werewolves made that you think was funny? Which werewolf do you think had the best sense of humor?

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