5 Must See Scenes from the Movie ...


5 Must See Scenes from the Movie ...
5 Must See Scenes from the Movie ...

Twilight and New Moon have been out long enough that there are plenty of great clips available of some of the best parts. Even if you have watched the movies a dozen times, I’m sure you will still enjoy 5 must see scenes from the movie choices I’ve selected.

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Bella Meets the Volturi in New Moon

Bella is confronting the Volturi in this segment. There is a lot of action that happens in this short clip. It always makes me cringe to see Edward slammed into the stone floor. Thankfully, vampires are a lot tougher than humans!


Bella Slaps Paul in New Moon

What a great way to be introduced to the wolf pack! Bella slaps Paul, he becomes irate and turns into a wolf, then Jacob has to protect Bella by turning into a wolf as well. The transformation is quick and leads right into the confrontation between Paul and Jacob.


Victoria Chased by the Wolves in New Moon

Victoria starts out by attacking Harry in this clip, then the wolves are hot on her heels. I love chase scenes, especially when the good guys are the ones doing the chasing. The clip shows a combination of three things going on; the wolves chasing Victoria, Charlie attending to Harry, and Bella visiting La Push.


Van Careening towards Bella in Twilight

This scene was a bit different than the one described in the book, but it was still very dramatic. Everything happens very quickly, after Bella and Edward stare at each other for a bit. The clip jumps back and forth between the van scene and Bella confronting Edward about it later.


Edward Saving Bella from James in Twilight

This starts off at the point where James is video taping Bella’s fear, so Edward can see it later. The clip then leads into Edward knocking James across the room and a fight ensues. It abruptly ends after Edward makes a profound statement to James, which makes you want to see more!

I hope you enjoy these clips. There are so many more that I could have listed, but 5 is an excellent number to give you a taste of what is available on the net. Which scenes do you like the best? Do you have one that you feel like watching over and over again?

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