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5 Reasons People Are Afraid of the Paranormal ...

By Melanie

People are afraid of the paranormal for many reasons, this domain is full of things that could induce fear or feelings of anxiety but there is so much about it to know and research that can stop this negative feeling, actually there is a single universal cause that splits in more secondary causes…

5 The Fear of Death

It is the most common type of fear , but here it’s about the life after death, we hear much in the paranormal world about ghosts, reincarnation, demon spirits and many of us don’t want to think about what it will happen after we go into that realm.

4 The Fear of the Unknown

Humans have also feared the future for example, because we don’t have the knowledge to see what will be happening next. Also in the paranormal phenomena the mystery factor creates fear.

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3 Ignorance

Most of us live in ignorance about the truths of the spiritual world and this is the cause of many fears of certain things that we can’t explain with conventional science, but they exist, despite people beliefs. Ignoring the facts means comfort, living in a fake illusory world that doesn’t reflect the truth and sometimes stupidity.

2 The Fear of Ghosts

This is also called phasmophobia and comes from the haunted places in which people are frightened by spirits that move objects make noises or appear in form to different witnesses and all this happens at night.

1 The Fear of Dark

This is coming from our childhood when in the absence of light we often got the impression that something or somebody is watching you and they will grab your arm or touch you, this is connected to the fear of ghosts and could happen because of demonic spirits that haunt some people’ s sleep appearing as nightmares.

Anyway most of these fears of the paranormal are self induced, for example ghosts can’t do us real harm they are just scaring us so they can feed our fear, this way they suck our energy dry and use it to move objects or do other physical things, not being able to generate their own energy because they are evil. Is paranormal so creepy? By doing some documentation you will see that is not.

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