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5 Reasons People Are Afraid of Spiders ...

By Melanie

People are terrified of spiders. Some are so terrified that they are not able to look at them. Why is this? This is a common phobia and to a certain point, I am afraid of them – it just depends on the type of spider I am dealing with. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons people are afraid of spiders …

5 Their Fangs

Yes, the bigger those fangs are, the more frightened people will be and do you know something? I don’t blame you!

4 Their Legs

Eight legs. Wow. That is a bit odd. Can you imagine having eight legs? That reminds me of the movie I watched the other day – Centipede.

3 Their Hair

The hair. Yes. Many people are afraid of the hair – you know, the hair on them makes them look less scary for me. It’s those ones, such as the black widow that do not have hair that makes me wiggle.

puffer Omg yes I hat spiders because of the hair and no h...

2 Their Eyes

What do you think about their eyes? When I walk by a spider, I can see him or her staring at me with all 8 eyes. That’s creepy isn’t it? Well, in a way, I think it is a bit cute – I mean - -8 eyes – wow, that’s fascinating.

1 Their Poison

I will tell you right now that I may not be afraid of those little old spiders I find from time to time, but I am afraid of those spiders that have poison. Those can really mess you up - I mean, have you ever saw someone’s hand after a brown recluse got done chewing on it? It’s horrible! Breathe in … breathe out …

Okay, I feel something crawling on me now – whenever I read or write about spiders, I start to get that creepy crawly feeling. It’s eerie. Do you get that too?

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