5 Reasons People Are Afraid of Ghosts ...

I can think of 5 reasons people are afraid of ghosts. In fact, I can think of many different reasons people are afraid. If you tell me that you are afraid of these supernatural beings, then it is not going to surprise me at all.

5. Afraid of the Supernatural

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Face it, people are afraid of the supernatural. Some have grew up being told that there is no such thing as ghosts. They are afraid of what the supernatural world holds for them.

4. Afraid of Things They Can’t See

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People are afraid of things they cannot see. If they ever were to come across a ghost, they would start to question their own sanity. Have you ever saw a ghost?

3. Afraid They’ll Get Hurt

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Do you know something? I have never heard of a time where a person has been hurt by a ghost. Sure, I see it in scary movies. However, when it comes to real life, this is a tragedy I have never heard of. Most of the stories I hear just focus on people seeing them.

2. Afraid of the Unknown

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Of course, people are afraid of the unknown. Those who do not know much about ghosts are even more afraid of them.

1. They Are Dead

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Of course, people fear the dead. Obviously, ghosts are dead, so this gives people even more of a reason to be afraid of them.

Those are my 5 reasons people are afraid of ghosts. As for me, I’m not really afraid of them. I will always continue to question their existence. Do you have any ghost encounter stories you would like to share with me?

Top Photo Credit: Rob Dupuis

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