5 Reasons Love Spells Are Bad Ideas ...


The goal of love spells is to attract an opposite sex member’s attention towards ourselves, to be able to receive back the feelings we have for that human. This sounds good for many situations, but there are certain motifs for considering this type of witchcraft a bad idea…

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Love Goes Bad

Making spells of romance can change the caster’s entire life, because they use the powerful forces of nature and if something goes wrong the result could not be the one initially desired. If you don’t respect the ingredients used and the rituals something that you don’t expect could arise from this situation.


Not the Person You Want

Everybody wants to have their mate, a person who loves them and they dream all will be perfect, they make a love spell, and bum this person arrives in their life. But what if the individual you called in has some nasty habits that you don’t like at all, what if he/she is a drinker or becomes nervous often, or anything like that. Actually the karma implications are unimaginable, you will be astonished what may be happening to you.


Something Might Happen

Three things could happen when you are casting a love spell: you will obtain exactly what you desired, you will obtain nothing or another person will come into your life, this is due to the laws of the Universe.


Practices Not Moral

These practices are not really moral; imagine how it would be for you to fall crazy in love for someone you don’t agree to, how would be to find out that your feelings are the result of a witchcraft manipulation? It would be catastrophic for your life.


Spells Can’t Be Misused

These spells can get into wrong hands, without even knowing we are making it. It is known that for centuries the main ingredients that we use in love spells are: roses, perfumes and chocolate, we also know that these are used in daily life…not keeping the witchcraft laws and recipes in mind…

Did you give flowers to your loved one? Should you? Maybe it’s a bad idea, it could be a spell involved.Do a research first on the web…

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Also it's kind of like making the person love you. It's not actually of their free will you're making them love you which is bad. Love is when people love each other out of their own free will not by making someone love you be a spell!!

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