Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Ghosts ...

For all of you that are into paranormal, you probably know that you do not have to be afraid of ghosts. In fact, I am sure you can give a big list of reasons not to be afraid of ghosts. Well, that is what I am going to do, I am going to give you 5 reasons not to be afraid of ghosts.

5. Fear Gives Them Strength

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Think back to school ages, when you showed he pulled you were afraid of them this would feed them. Well, the same thing goes for ghosts, if you show that you afraid of them, then you're giving them strength. In fact, fear is a source of their power and strength. If you do not want a ghost to overcome you, then all you have to do is be not be afraid of them.

4. They Are Not Really Dead People

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It's true, they are not really dead people. That people are dead people they do not. Nor do they think about you they are resting in peace. However, there are spirits of dead people.

3. Lack of Knowledge

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We all know that fear comes from lack of knowledge. If you do not have much knowledge on ghosts, then you're going to be afraid of them. You are afraid because they are dark and you may think they are evil. Bogus information fills the mind when it comes to ghosts.

2. You Are a Ghost

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In a way, if you think about it, you are a ghost. In fact, we are all ghosts. We all have flesh and we all have a spirit. If you are afraid of ghosts, then this is an indication that there is a weakness in your spirit.

1. Ghost Movies Are Fictional

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You can’t believe everything the media broadcasts on television. If we did, then we would be one scared group of people. The truth is that many ghost movies are fictional. The movie producers are clever and are after profits.

Those are 5 reasons not to be afraid of ghosts. So, are you still afraid?

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