5 Reasons to Not Be Afraid of Ghosts ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons to Not Be Afraid of Ghosts ...

Many people hold a strong fear of ghosts and they are scared of haunted houses, graveyards and old castles. Here are 5 reasons to not be afraid of ghosts, hopefully these should be of some help to you if you hold this fear.

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5 Claims That They do Not Exist

The majority of people do actually claim that ghosts do not exist therefore they are unable to harm you. It is impossible to say whether they truly believe that ghosts do not exist or whether they are just saying this so that they do not appear odd to their friends and family. If you decide to follow this stance then you have no reason to fear ghosts. In my opinion often those that say they do not believe hold some sort of belief because they have taken the time to think about the matter in more detail.

4 A Lonely Soul

A ghost appearance may just be because they are lonely, maybe unable to pass on to the other world, and they like to be close to a human presence. If you do happen to see a ghost why not try talking to it, yes it may be a one way conversation but it is likely to put both of you at ease.

3 A Trapped Spirit

Some argue that ghosts are trapped spirits, they may not personally know you but they feel drawn towards you and feel as though you can help them. The reason for their feeling trapped could be because they have been murdered or want a message passed on to a loved one or it could be that they want to confess to something they did whilst alive. In my opinion, even poltergeist could be doing what they do not to scare you but to get your attention.

2 They Are Likely to Be Someone You Know

It is often the case that the spirit or ghost that appears in front of you is someone that you know. The chances are that whilst alive they did not get the chance to say goodbye properly or they want to pass on a message to you. In my opinion, it simply might be that they are not ready to leave you yet and stay with you in their spirit form until they are.

1 Ghosts Can Not Physically Harm You

There are a lot of arguments that state that any ghost, even scary poltergeist that can move objects, can not physically harm human beings. A lot of people that have stated they have seen a ghost, or that they live with ghosts, have also said that they have not been harmed in any way.

Above there are 5 reasons not to be afraid of ghosts, the first four will hopefully be able to help you if you believe that ghosts exist or have experienced a vision of one. Always try to remember that there is likely to be a good reason for why that ghost is appearing in front of you.

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