5 Songs a Vampire May like ...

By Melanie

5 Songs a Vampire May like ...

Right now, I am going to start to think in a vampire perspective. I am going to listen to music that I think a vampire would like to listen to. Maybe a vampire likes a variety of different things? Below, I am going to give you 5 songs a vampire may like …

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5 Korn – Alone I Break

This is a pretty cool song. In and out of my vampire mind, I enjoy listening to this song. I could so see a vampire driving in his/her car as she is jamming to this song. Can you see it? Yes, if only they really existed …

4 Korn – All in the Family

What’s wrong with this? Perhaps my vampire like mind has sunken into a Korn mood. However, for some reason, I think vampires would really like Korn. All in the Family sounds like something a vampire would love to listen to.

3 Creed – My Own Prison

I know this is a Christian type band, but for some reason, I think a vampire would like to listen to this song. After all, I enjoy the song and have liked it since I was a child.

2 Adrienne Frantz – Getaway

This sounds like something a female vampire would listen to. I like this song. Adrienne Frantz captured my attention playing on The Young and the Restless. She really does have talent. Talent that a vampire would not pass up.

1 Eminem – Not Afraid

Yes, you might be in that place trying to get out. This is definitely a song a vampire would love to listen to. It is also one of my favorites.

There you have 5 songs a vampire might like. Of course, I left out the classical stuff, but that’s okay. I’m sure there are some rocking vampires out there. What songs do you think vampires would like?

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