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5 Things Vampires May Be Afraid of ...

By Melanie

Vampires are mythical creatures that we haven’t been able to discover so we can prove their existence. They feed with their victim’s blood. To kill them, usually a stake in their hearts would do the job, but there are many other methods of killing or scaring them. Let’s see a few…

5 Garlic

Being used as a cure for various diseases for many years people developed a habit from hanging it in their houses thinking that it will even keep evil away.

4 Silver

It is toxic for them, the beliefs about this pure metal come from Romania. In the mythology it is associated with the moon. Many religions see this element as a purifying thing. This resource can be fatal specially amongst young vampires. If anybody uses a weapon on them it should be based on silver.

3 Holy Water

for them is like sulfuric acid, it burns their body, leaving scars on their flesh.

2 The Cross

it is a Christian symbol, it has a great effect on these creatures which are often considered as evil or devil.

1 Sunlight

Day exposure makes some of them burn, also fire is fatal to them, it makes them become ash. Their eyes are not accustomed to the light, their pupils are very dilated.

How can you know if any of your family, colleagues or friends are vampires? Well you don’t…There are some clues and characteristics but most of them are part of legends, the true vampires if they exist don’t respect all of this traits. What is general to all is the fact they want to overcome death by feeding blood from living beings and they want to maintain this state as long as possible, becoming experienced over time and immune to some of the methods we could use to keep them away….

Top Photo Credit: magda.indigo

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