5 Things Vampires May Be Afraid of ...


5 Things Vampires May Be Afraid of ...
5 Things Vampires May Be Afraid of ...

Vampires are mythical creatures that we haven’t been able to discover so we can prove their existence. They feed with their victim’s blood. To kill them, usually a stake in their hearts would do the job, but there are many other methods of killing or scaring them. Let’s see a few…

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Being used as a cure for various diseases for many years people developed a habit from hanging it in their houses thinking that it will even keep evil away.


Garlic has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments, from the common cold to the plague. It has also been used in folk medicine to ward off evil spirits. It is believed that vampires, who are supernatural creatures, are especially sensitive to garlic. In some cultures, garlic is hung in doorways and windows to keep vampires away. Additionally, some cultures have even gone so far as to place cloves of garlic in the mouths of those who have recently died to keep vampires away. Garlic is also believed to have properties that weaken vampires, making it a powerful tool against them.



It is toxic for them, the beliefs about this pure metal come from Romania. In the mythology it is associated with the moon. Many religions see this element as a purifying thing. This resource can be fatal specially amongst young vampires. If anybody uses a weapon on them it should be based on silver.


Silver has long been associated with vampires, especially in Romanian mythology, where it is seen as a purifying element. Silver can be lethal to young vampires, which is why it is often used as a weapon against them. Silver is believed to be associated with the moon in many religions, and it is thought to be capable of protecting against vampires and other supernatural creatures. It is often used to create charms, amulets, and other items that are believed to be able to ward off vampires. Silver is also used to make jewelry and other items that are thought to be able to protect the wearer from vampires. Silver is often seen as a symbol of purity and protection, and it is believed to be capable of keeping vampires away.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, vampires are often thought to be scared of sunlight since it can hurt them or make them weaker.

Many stories say vampires don't like garlic and it can even keep them away.

Vampires are said to be afraid of wooden stakes because they can be used to hurt or defeat them.

Yes, some myths suggest that vampires are afraid of holy objects like crosses or holy water because they are seen as pure and good.

In some old tales, vampires are afraid of running water and cannot cross it, so it's used as a barrier against them.


Holy Water

for them is like sulfuric acid, it burns their body, leaving scars on their flesh.


Vampires are known to have aversions to certain objects, one of which is holy water. It is believed that holy water has the power to burn and scar vampires, as it is said to be like sulfuric acid to them. This is why vampires tend to avoid religious places and objects such as crosses and bibles. It is also thought that vampires can be killed with holy water, as it can burn them to the point of death. Other things that vampires may be afraid of include garlic, sunlight, and silver. These objects are said to be able to weaken or even kill vampires, making them an object of fear.


The Cross

it is a Christian symbol, it has a great effect on these creatures which are often considered as evil or devil.



Day exposure makes some of them burn, also fire is fatal to them, it makes them become ash. Their eyes are not accustomed to the light, their pupils are very dilated.

How can you know if any of your family, colleagues or friends are vampires? Well you don’t…There are some clues and characteristics but most of them are part of legends, the true vampires if they exist don’t respect all of this traits. What is general to all is the fact they want to overcome death by feeding blood from living beings and they want to maintain this state as long as possible, becoming experienced over time and immune to some of the methods we could use to keep them away….

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