5 Cool Mythical Creatures ...

Once upon a time when you were a kid, you thought of some mythical creature that you wish was true. What was it? Well, let me give you my 5 Cool Mythical Creatures that I wish was walking the earth today.

5. Minotaur

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The Minotaur is a giant beast that is a large bull like creature that looks like a human. They have huge horns on their heads and they have the strength of a thousand men. Pretty strong mythical creature to roam the ear, don’t you think? Well, this is one of the myth creatures I would like to see.

4. Cerberus

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Hades 3 headed dog is one of my favorite! This dog guards the gate of hell and make sure nothing escapes the underworld. This pet is his loyal companion and would do anything to serve his master. I would like to see this creature one day. Maybe I will!

3. Basilisk

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The Basilisk has many forms for mythology. The creature is a three headed dragon and only can be defeated by turning it into stone. Don’t cut this creatures head off, because you are fighting twice the amount of heads. You cut one off and it will grow two heads in the place of that one and it breathes fire! Neat!

2. Gryphon

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The gryphon is a bird like myth creature that has a body of a lion. The lion body allows it to have four legs and the bird aspects of flying and eagle vision. This creature is something I would like to see!

1. Pegasus

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The mythical creature is the horse that has wings and was used as an almighty horse that helped bring peace. These myth creatures are found in fairly tales and used as godly like horses that help the good in war. They were never used for evil. I want to see a horse with wings I think it would be neat.

Mythical creatures are my top favorite and I like reading about them all the time. Do you like these mythical creatures too?

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