5 Facts on Bella Swan ...

Bella Swan is a main character in Twilight. Of course, if you read the books, you probably know all there is about her. Below, I am going to give you 5 facts on Bella Swan …

5. She Lives in Forks, Washington

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It may just be a small town in Washington, but I must say that it is no ordinary town. When Bella first went to Forks, Washington to stay with her father, she dreaded it. Then, after awhile, she started to love it. Hmmm – I wonder why?

4. Her Father is a Police Officer

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Her father, Charlie is a police officer. He’s a pretty well laid out guy and Bella always has to cook him dinner.

3. Bella Does Not Have a Personality

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Well, maybe she does have a personality, but it is a very clumsy one. Bella is a clumsy girl. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, many people are clumsy. Many people, like Bella, trip over their own two feet. Do you think of yourself as being a clumsy person?

2. She is Also Called Mary Sue

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Bella Also goes by the name Mary Sue. Yet, if you referred to her as Mary Sue in a blog comment, people probably would not know who you are talking about, so let’s just stick with Bella, okay?

1. She is a Vampire Girl

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Yes, that’s right, Bella Swan, the clumsy girl is a vampire girl. At one point in time, we thought she was going to start running with the werewolves, but she actually probed us wrong with that one. I guess those werewolves was just a desert on the side. A mighty good desert …

Those are 5 facts on Bella Swan. Do you know of any other facts you would like to share with us?

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