5 Facts on Dracula ...


5 Facts on Dracula ...
5 Facts on Dracula ...

Dracula is pretty creepy to some. I mean, when you go and mention the name, people get chills running down their back. Really, there is nothing to be afraid of. Let me give you 5 facts on Dracula …

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Would the Real Dracula Please Stand up

The real Dracula is Vlad the Impaler. There are many unknown things about his short life. Historical facts paint pictures that have plenty of black spots in them.


The Mother

Vlad Dracula’s mother is unknown in his life. Some say that she was a Moldavanian princess, daughter or niece of Moldavian prince Alexandru cel bun.



It is known that Dracula was in two marriages. His first wife was with a Wallachian woman. From that marriage, he had one son.


Medieval Prince

He is famous for being a medieval prince that murdered thousands of innocent people in Transylvania.


Early Life

During Vlad’s early years, he was forced to live outside his native country of Wallachia. This is because his family was living in Transylvania in exile. During this time, his father was relieved of his position by pro-Ottoman boyars. Pro-Ottoman boyers were aristocrats with high ranks.

Those are 5 facts on Dracula. While some will tell you that Dracula never existed, I will have to tell you that he did. I am not sure if he existed in the way he exists in horror movies, but reading some of the stuff about him, he sounds like he did some horrible things during his lifetime. There are many myths floating around about Vlad and I am not sure if they will ever be busted – not even by Myth Busters. Now I would like to ask you a question and I want you to be honest with me. Are you scared of Dracula?

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where exactly are the 5 facts ??

Here we are!

Actully, I'd definitely run the other direction if I ever encountered Vlad the Impaler. He seems pretty scary to me!

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