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Reptiles are very interesting to me for all kinds of reasons. Snakes are one of my favorite reptiles to read about. However, I want to stay away from the venomous ones. Snakes have some interesting facts I would like to share with you. Here is my 5 Interesting Facts On Snakes…

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The Black Mamba Isn’t Black!

This snake is in fact grey or brown and never black. Why do they call it the black mamba? Maybe they call it after its behavior. The snake is the fastest snake in the world and he can kill you fast with one bit.


The Snake Use to Have Legs

The ball python has two vents that resemble legs. They were at one time a pair of legs, but evolution took place. That is amazing and some people don’t believe evolution has taken place at one time or another.


The Rattlesnake Has 6 or 10 Layers of Scales

I’ve seen many rattlesnakes living in Florida and ill tell you, it’s not a snake to mess with. This snake has 6 to 10 layers of scales. This also helps make the rattle work and keeps it sounding louder and better.


Brahminy Blind Snake Has No Males

This snake is unbelievable! There are no males that fertilize the eggs. The female has one fertile egg that is made when she becomes an adult. Truly amazing I say.


Some Snakes Have 300 Ribs

Imagine those baby back ribs! Nice and all barbequed up for a good taste, that is if you’re its prey. They can have up to 300 ribs and this is based on the type of snake and how big he or she is.

Top Photo Credit: Victor and Patricia Ocampo

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Evolution did not take place. The snake did have legs, until it tempted Eve and God cursed it. (:

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