5 Cool Facts on Spiders ...

By Melanie

5 Cool Facts on Spiders ...

Spiders are a delicate subject for many people. Some of them have arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. They are in fact extraordinary creatures if we study them closely. There are some cool facts about them…

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5 All the Species Are Hunters

Using a web or not they are all predators, because they don’t have other methods for obtaining their food supply. They have good vision and agility, catching their prey in many ways, with the aid of their web or without it.

4 They Create Silk

All spiders are creators of this cool substance, without it they could not live. It is used to catch insects, move, or as their home. Actually silk is a liquid produced from their abdomen glands that solidifies once arrived in the air.

3 The Female Can Eat the Male

A unique thing to see is that the female can eat the male by mistake if the guy doesn’t make the ritual for reproduction. So the male has to be very careful and make the ritual from a safe distance until acceptance.

2 They Are Invertebrates

This means they have no spinal bones. Their body is made in two parts: the Cephalothorax and the legs. On the first part are the eyes, which can be in number of eight on some species, the brain, stomach and the glands that make poison.

1 The Venom

Almost every species have this poison in them, many use small quantities that don’t affect humans, but enough to kill insects. There are some that are dangerous to us like the Black Widow. This one has a really poisonous byte.

Spiders are very good constructors, their webs are a marvel of the world, very resistant, people made socks from this material. Isn’t it cool? They have a big contribution to the natural ecosystem as well.

Top Photo Credit: I'mMurphy'sLaw

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