5 Facts on Spiders ...


5 Facts on Spiders ...
5 Facts on Spiders ...

I like giving facts about animals, because I like learn more about them. Spiders are creepy, but that makes me want to learn about them more. What secrets do they foretell or even what do they do with their day? Let me give you 5 Facts On Spiders…

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Some Female Spiders Eat Their Mates!

The black widow is called this for many reasons. They want to be a widow by eating their husbands. They eat their mate after they get eggs fertilizing. There are several different species of spiders that do this.


Spiders Babies Eat Their Mother

Spider mothers use all they got to give birth to their eggs and keep them safe. The mother dies shortly after and then the babies eat her. This can be beneficial for the baby’s nutrients.


Spiders Can Eat Small Birds!

Some special of spiders have strong webs that catch birds or bats for food. These spiders live way up in the trees and often found in the forest or jungle. They have a large feast and they are no bigger than a ping pong ball.


Spiders Spin All Kinds of Materials

Not all spiders can spin silk, they spin other materials. Some spiders are said to spin fine materials like steel or other tough solids. These spiders are called copperhead spiders.


Spiders Eggs Contain Four Human DNA’s

Spider eggs contain up to four human DNA strains. These eggs can contain thousands of spiders that grow into more spiders. The chances these spiders live is another question. That’s why the spider lays so many eggs.

There are so many fascinating spider facts you should know. I might make a number two fact blog on them! I thought this was a good fact to add in this conclusion and want to tell you about. The orange magma spider is one of the most festinating spiders yet, they can live in very hot temperatures of 5,300 degrees F. Do you think spiders are cool too, but want to never touch them?

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I thought reading this you calm my fear of spiders. I was wrong. Still interesting though.

Wow, number 5 is very interesting. The rest I learnt in Biology, still creepy, though.

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