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5 Facts on UFO's ...

By Melanie

UFOS don't necessarily mean that they are being driven by an alien. A UFO is an unidentified flying object. If something flew past you and you could not identify it, then it is a UFO. Does this make sense to you? Well, right now, I am going to give you 5 facts on UFO's …

5 Every Three Minutes

Every three minutes, a UFO is sighted somewhere on this planet. I don't find this very odd, since we're not exactly talking about aliens. We are talking about an unidentified flying object – you know, something we see that is so far up there that we are not able to describe.

4 Sightings

Millions of people have seen UFO's, you have probably even seen them. Housewives, doctors, astronauts and celebrities have all witnessed a UFO at one point in time.


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3 First UFO Photograph

Jose Bonulla took the first photograph of a UFO during the year 1883 in Zacatecas, Mexico.

2 Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton claims that he saw an airship in Le Roy, Kansas during the year 1897 kidnap a cow. This sounds pretty bizarre and I could only wonder what a UFO did with the cow – perhaps they are studying them or perhaps it was the cow's friends?

1 Dark Object

On February 25, of 1942, there was a big, dark object moving over the coastline of Los Angeles. If you were to see this, what would you think it was? Well, it was mistaken as a Japanese attack, which drew some anti-aircraft fire.

Those were 5 facts on UFOs. This has always been something that I enjoyed reading during my paranormal studies and I figured I would step out and tell you some facts on these things. There are tons more facts to read and I urge you to do so. Do you want to add to these facts?S

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