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5 Facts on Witchcraft ...

By Melanie

Belief in magic exists since very old times. Witchcraft is, in many contexts, the use of magical power for someone’s benefits or for a bad purpose. So this practice can be based on black, in this case is usually done individually in a private place or on white magic, when is used in public…

5 Old Ideas, New Ones

Many would describe this ancient practice as the pact with the Devil, meaning the selling of your soul to gain supernatural powers in exchange, but to the purpose of doing harm to people. But in modern view, it not like that at all, humans are now more open minded and understand much better that we have been closed in a mind box before, and we didn’t see the reality within.

4 The Magic Symbols

For example the pentagram, a very popular and also misunderstood symbol, most of the media companies have used it and give it to the people as a demonic five-pointed star. The real fact is every drawing like this can be used for bad or for good, depending on its orientation.


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3 The Wicca

This culture appeared in the 40’s as some sort of religion of witches. People that were part of this tried to change the old reputation of witchcraft as an evil practice, to its real one, of spiritual nature and involves manipulation of energy to serve to different things.

2 Types of This Practice

There is: Afrikan , so called green, hedge, hereditary, traditional, Wicca and others. But the wiccans are the most frequent around the globe.

1 ”the Craft of the Wise Ones”

This is the significance of the word witchcraft, the old traditional style, since prehistory it was practiced amongst us. During the Inquisition millions were killed. The historians of that time and after have used much lower numbers, but now we know the truth.

Some facts that prove witches are not satanic have been written here, but there are so many more, why don’t we quit the old ideas and find out for ourselves what is true and what is manipulation?

Top Photo Credit: Houston Museum of Natural Science

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