5 Moves to Make when Being Attacked by a Vampire ...

When you approach a vampire and he/she tries to attack you, there are certain moves you will want to make. I will give you 5 moves to make when being attacked by a vampire. It is up to you with which move you choose. In the end, I want you to tell me what your choice is.

5. Go for a Sharp Object

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You may want to go for the nearest sharp object you can find. If you can find a sharp stake, then more power to you. Once you find that sharp object (hopefully the vampire has not gotten to you by then), you will want to stab them with it. Once you get them down, make sure they stay down.

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Some people choose to run when they first come across a vampire. However, if the vampire sees you, this may not be a good idea. It is only going to entice them and make them want to run at you.

3. Shoot Them with the Paintball Gun

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Hey, if you have a paintball gun, then try plastering that sucker. Perhaps that will stop him, especially if it is red paintballs!

2. Hold up a Cross

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If you are wearing a cross, then hold it up! That’s right, hold that cross up so the vampire can see it. The vampire wants nothing to do with the cross. I never wear a cross, so I’m in for it if a vampire comes after me.

1. Break out with the Garlic

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In the end, you may want to just break out with that garlic clove. Surely, this is going to scare the vampire off.

Those are 5 moves to make when being attacked by a vampire. Of course, you may only have time enough to make a couple of these moves. Which move would you make?

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