5 Scary Movies ...


5 Scary Movies ...
5 Scary Movies ...

I have so many scary movies that are my favorite. However, right now, I am going to pick 5 scary movies that you should watch. This Halloween, you should curl up on the couch and watch at least one of these from my list – even if you have watched it before.

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Yes, Chucky was definitely a scary movie. Of course, I do not get scared of it anymore, but it does give me the heebie jeebies. It is a horrible thought thinking that a doll can walk around killing people. Especially when you have a child that has tons of dolls. I remember seeing the chucky doll laying in the parking lot of a mall when I was a kid. The doll looked all raggedy. Of course, at that moment, it scared me.



Yes, I think “It” is the movie that all started my phobia of clowns. No, when I see a clown, I do not run and scream. Of course, I do not like being around clowns. You know, It by Stephen King has that killer clown. Oh, his wicked teeth when he smiles – I will never forget that.


Pet Semetery

Of course, Pet Semetery is a scary movie. Both one and two are pretty scary. I mean, come on, you have people and animals coming back from the dead after they were buried in the Indian burial grounds. Yes, the thought is definitely scary, which gives me even more reason to like the movie.


Nightmare on Elm Street

Oh yeah, you have got to love good old Freddy. He loves haunting people’s nightmares and scaring them. When you watch this movie, it may make you never want to go to sleep again!


Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I think this was definitely a scary movie. Doesn’t it make you afraid of chainsaws? Or … scary men with chainsaws!

Those are 5 scary movies. Of course, these scary movies would be my favorite. What are some scary movies on your list?

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