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5 Tips on Getting a Boyfriend like Edward ...

By Melanie

Edward is a good guy and I will admit that. I like him, he’s pretty cool. I think that many girls are in love with the way Edward likes. I am going to give you 5 tips on getting a boyfriend like Edward.

5 Show Respect

Guys like Edward like having a girl that shows respect. If you are rude, then you will only be chasing the guys like Edward away.

4 Have a Taste for Fashion

I think Edward likes girls that have a taste for fashion. Of course, what guy likes girls that dress in rags? Besides a husband? Okay, I just had to say that, you know, because your husband should like you no matter what. Anyhow, If you want to score a boy like Edward, try dressing up a bit.

3 Change into a Vampire

Oh yeah, Edward is a vampire, so you would have to be a vampire to be with him. No, silly, hat is just a joke. I don’t actually mean that you need to go change into a vampire. Obviously, you can’t do that, so you have to skip this and move to the next one.

2 Have a Good Sense of Humor

I think that a guy like Edward wants a girl that is not serious. It seems that a guy like Edward would enjoy a girl that laughs at things that needs to be laughed at.

1 Don’t Be Dangerous

We all know that Edward did not like it when Bella did dangerous stuff. Therefore, you can’t be a dangerous girl. A guy like Edward will want to keep you out of trouble and protect you. So, stay away from danger.

There you have 5 tips on getting a boyfriend like Edward. I must say that a boyfriend just like Edward will be impossible to get. You should not set your standards too high or you could end up single for a long time. So, do you like Edward?

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