Top 5 Werewolves in Twilight ...


Top 5 Werewolves in Twilight ...
Top 5 Werewolves in Twilight ...

I don’t think Twilight would be complete without the presence of werewolves. This group of guys adds so much to the overall story. I’ve listed my top 5 werewolves in Twilight and the rest of the books. There’s just too many that don’t get added in until later and I had to consider them all! So, if you haven’t finished the entire Twilight series, you may want to skip this list.

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Sam Uley

Sam was originally with Leah, when she wasn’t turning into a wolf, but later imprinted on her second cousin Emily. He’s the leader of the bunch. I thought that it was sweet how loving and attentive he was to Emily. The marks on her face didn’t deter his infatuation at all, which is so common among humans who are more concerned with looks than with the actual person they are in a relationship with.


Sam Uley is the leader of the werewolf pack featured in the Twilight series. He is a strong alpha who is protective of his pack and loyal to his imprint, Emily. He was originally with Leah, before imprinting on Emily, and is known for his loving and attentive attitude towards her. Despite the marks on her face, Sam was undeterred in his infatuation and showed that he values Emily for who she is, not what she looks like. He is a powerful and devoted character who is willing to do anything to protect those he loves.


Quil Ateara

Quil imprinted on Emily’s niece, who is only two years old. Eventually, he and Sam will be somewhat related. I thought it was sweet at how attentive Quil was to Emily, giving her anything she wanted. He, Embry, and Jacob were all very close friends before they started changing into wolves, so it was nice to see them all getting along together again after they all started changing into wolves.


Seth Clearwater

Seth is Leah’s younger brother who seems to like the vampires. He is one of the only wolves, besides Jacob, who wants to give the Cullens the benefit of the doubt. I think this trait is what puts him closer to the number one spot on my top 5 list.


Leah Clearwater

Leah is the only female wolf in the group, which I think is super cool. I thought that it was an excellent twist in the story, for her to become a wolf. She always loved Sam and was now able to be with him when he was in wolf form. I thought it was a good trade, since he didn’t imprint on her and chose her cousin for a mate instead of her.


Leah Clearwater is one of the five werewolves in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. She is the only female wolf in the pack and is a member of the Quileute tribe. Leah was in love with Sam Uley, the Alpha of the pack, and was devastated when he imprinted on her cousin, Emily Young. Leah eventually accepted her fate and was able to be with Sam when he was in his wolf form. She is a strong and independent character, and her story is an inspiring example of resilience in the face of adversity.


Jacob Black

Jacob may not be the leader of the entire La Push pack, but he certainly made number 1 on my list of the top 5 wolves. I know it was tough for those who wanted him to imprint on Bella, but at least he can still be close to her by imprinting on Renesmee.

These are just the 5 that I like the best of the group. They are a likeable bunch of werewolves and I’m sure many people will agree with the wolf I have listed in the number one slot. Which are your favorite wolves in the bunch? Why do you think Leah became a werewolf, when it had only been guys in the past?

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