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5 Confessions of a Twilight Addict ...

By Melanie

Of course, I don’t think of myself as a Twilight addict and no, I am not going through the stage of denial. I am married and have everything I could wish for, I don’t need to fall in love with a vampire or a werewolf, they are too much trouble. However, if I WERE a Twilight addict, it would go something like this – 5 confessions of a Twilight addict …

5 I Can’t Stop Thinking about It

It’s true. Every time I turn around, there I am sitting there thinking about Twilight. I do nothing but day dream of Twilight. When I am supposed to be working or listening to my teacher, I am out in Forks, Washington with Bella, Jacob and Edward. (See, Twilight addicts let it get in the way).

4 I Talk about It a Lot

Yes, I talk about Twilight a little too much. Twilight is a part of my life – I live the world of Twilight. I am even going to move to Forks, Washington just because they talk about that in Twilight! (See, Twilight addicts sometimes get a bit too carried away).

3 I Am in Love with Edward

Yes, I am married to Edward. I really am. Secretly. Oh, you didn’t know that? (See, Twilight addicts sometimes have hallucinations).

2 I Can’t Stop Reading the Books

Read, read, read – that is all I ever do. Wait, I’m not reading different books, I am reading Twilight! (See, Twilight addicts do not realize there are other books out there, besides Twilight).

1 I Think I Am a Vampire

I’m a vampire! I am a Cullen! I was converted by Edward! (See, Twilight addicts DO hallucinate and dream a bit too much).

Take note, this blog on 5 confessions of a Twilight addict was not to make fun of anyone. It was just to give you something to laugh at. So, what would another confession of a Twilight addict be?

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