5 Cool Werewolf Movies ...

By Melanie

5 Cool Werewolf Movies ...

I have always enjoyed watching werewolf movies right along with vampire movies. On my Netflix instant Queue, you are going to find a lot of horror movies that consist of werewolves, vampires, zombies, aliens and all kinds of other strange creatures. Right now, I am going to tell you about 5 cool werewolf movies …

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5 The Company of Wolves

This movie first came out in 1984. This was a gothic horror film that was directed by Neil Jordan. This was his second feature. It tells of a young girl names Rosaleen and the tales that her Nan tells her. The movie switches between Rosaleen’s dreams and her real world.

4 Wolf

This is what Michelle Pfeiffer and Jack Nicholson starred in. After Nicholson was bitten by a wounded wolf, he slowly becomes a werewolf. This is definitely something you have to watch.

3 Wolfen

This should definitely be listed amongst your werewolf flicks. This movie is a bit disjointed, but they do have good effects in it.

2 Ginger Snaps

This is one of my favorite wolf movies. It was directed by John Fawcett. This movie focuses on two sisters. This movie definitely deserves a place in any movie collection.

1 The Howling

This werewolf movie was released in 1981. It took the pack of wolves approach. The makeup effects have been done by Rob Bottin. It is pretty freaky.

I have noticed not many movies are coming out today that are based on werewolves. Where have all the werewolf movies gone? Seems as if all the good werewolf movies are based in the past. Can you think of any good ones that have came out in 2010?

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