5 Creepy Spider Movies to Watch ...


5 Creepy Spider Movies to Watch ...
5 Creepy Spider Movies to Watch ...

Spiders can be fascinating to watch from afar, but when it comes to seeing them up close or on you it’s not to fun. Spiders can be deadly and live in the darkest places. They love to eat insects, but in movies they eat people. Please read my 5 Creepy Spider Movies To Watch…

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If you don’t like spiders, than this isn’t a movie you should watch. These spiders worked in packs and kill many people on the movie. This was a very scary movie for me when I was younger and even now.



This movie was also a scary movie for its time. This movie made sure I didn’t reach under any cabinets for a while. Spiders hide in many places and often found hidden under the kitchen sink.



This movie is a bit old, but it’s a very good scary spider movie. The tarantula turns into a giant spider and wrecks havoc in town. An experiment gone wrong in the lab and they were trying to find a way to keep people from starving.


8 Legged Freaks

This movie is based on many different species spiders that get lose in a spider lab. They kill the scientist studying them and move on for the escape. They mutate because of the polluted water and turn into big spiders. They hide in a mall to survive this disaster and try to call the military for help. It was scary at some points, but it’s the humour type.



This movie was surprisingly good. The movie was scary and it made me think a bit about government studies. In the movie these kids sneak into a government facility to come across a bad experiment. The experiment was to inject alien DNA into spiders, when they did it went bad and killed the entire team of scientist. This movie is a perfect spider movie to watch on a family night.

Spiders are the perfect prop for any scary movie. They are creepy, they are scary and crawly. Do you think these movies are scary spider movies?

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I see where my ass for heels

There are tons more spider movies what are they my friends wanna know so that they can watch them at their sleepover party this weekend we are gonna watch a whole bunch of scary movies so i need those movie titles plz thanx!!!

Spiders are a lot of fun

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