5 Facts about the Cobra ...


5 Facts about the Cobra ...
5 Facts about the Cobra ...

The Cobra snakes live in Africa, Philippines and Southern Asia where the climate is tropical and hot. These snakes can be really dangerous but they don’t attack if they are not provoked. They can be recognized by their unique traits: the neck hoods….

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They Are Long

The Biggest Cobra is the King Cobra having about five meters in length. The smallest have a size of about 1 meter. The King’s skin is from brown to grey and black.


Their Hood

A common fact is the Cobra’s hood which is spread when attacking the same time with raising their heads. in this way they look very threatening. The hood is made from skin flaps attached to the head ribs. In this way its head is as biggest as a man’s head.


They Are Venomous

The King Cobra’s venom can kill an elephant. The anti-dote when you are bitten by a Cobra is the venom itself. Creating an allergic reaction that raises immunity.


They Spit

Another dangerous fact on some Cobras is that they spray their venom from their fangs and they also bite. Their aiming is very good. This is a defense mechanism, they usually do the spitting right in the eyes of an enemy.


They Have a Festival

In India the Cobras are celebrating with a festival named Naga Panchami or The Serpent Festival. The snakes are brought to Hindu villages and where food is given to them. The Hindus go to temples and pray to the Cobras for receiving protection.

Only ten percent of people who were bitten by the Cobras die, meaning that other snakes have a much more dangerous venom. Anyway what would you do if you encounter one? The best thing is to ignore it and don’t make threatening moves.

Top Photo Credit: Elishams

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