5 Reasons to Love Your Vampire Boyfriend ...

You have a vampire boyfriend and you are so lucky! Did you know that so many people are jealous over you because of this? So many girls out there envy you day in and day out as they read the words you have spoken. I am going to tell you 5 reasons to love your vampire boyfriend right now and girl, I know you are going to agree with me on this one …

5. He’s Daring

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Oh yeah, that vampire boyfriend is definitely a daring creature to say the least. Hey, don’t you love daring guys?

4. He’s a Bad Boy

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From time to time, he is a good boy. However, just because he is a good boy does not mean that he does not have a dark side. That vampire boyfriend of yours definitely has a dark side to him.

3. He’s Cute

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Oh yeah, I can’t forget o add that the vampire boyfriend is cute. Come on, who out there is going to go against me on this one? You know you think vampires are hot, so why deny it?

2. They Have Powers

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Oh, don’t you just love a man that has power? They’re undeniably strong and can do things that human men cannot do. Wouldn’t this be a good reason to love your vampire boyfriend?

1. He’s a Vampire

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Come on! Why else would you love him? He’s a vampire for crying out loud. He’s undeniably hot, he’s sexy, he’s powerful and he is the guy of your dreams. Oh, you’re one lucky girl.

Take note that this whole time, I was talking to Bella! I am talking about Edward. Bella is such a lucky girl, don’t you think? She has it all. She has the boy AND the freaking wolf! Aren’t you jealous of her?

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