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5 Scary Monsters from Movies ...

By Melanie

Monsters can be pretty scary sometimes and I would like to give you my opinion on some of the scariest monsters that movies have produced. This is also an interesting blog I want to write about and here is my 5 Scary Monsters from Movies blog.

5 Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud

Have you seen this movie? Well, to tell you the truth a big creature like that would be a very scary encounter if you seen one. This creature kills a group of kids that killed his son and he seeks revenge.

4 Stephen Kings: “It”

It was a scary movie for its time, because all clowns are scary in some sort of way. This clown had sharp teeth and was a kid killer. This creature was fought off by a few kids that stuck together. This movie was very inspiring movie and had a good plot like the rest of Stephen Kings books and movies.

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3 Silent Hill: Pyramid Head

This guy is a nightmare waiting to happen. The movie was awesome and it’s a very good game. Pyramid head is a tormented soul that wears a pyramid on his head for suffering. He carries a huge sword and will tear you apart!

2 Hell Raisers Pin Head

The long pins in the pin head the character on the movie Hell Raiser, just scares me as much as clowns. This character plays as one of the keepers of the Box.

1 Decent

The cave dwellers remind me of trolls or goblins gone wrong! These creatures or monsters seem to eat almost anything and will go to extremes to kill it’s pray. They are nocturnal and don’t like the sunlight. Their also blind, but can smell and hear quiet well.

With today’s technology and the new ways they make monsters come to life, they produce some of the scariest monsters for films today. Now that you know my top scary monsters on movies what is yours?

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