5 Things about True Blood ...


5 Things about True Blood ...
5 Things about True Blood ...

If you want a good appetite, then I am going to give you one. I am going to give you 5 things about True Blood that you should know. True Blood is a very popular vampire series that comes on HBO. I always liked watching it.

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Stephen Moyer Played a Vamp before

Appearing in True Blood as a vampire is not the only vampire appearance he has made. In 1998, he had a taste for blood in Ultraviolet. Did you know that he has real – life vampire like teeth? Yes, his canines arebig.


Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin Hooked up

Did you know that these two hooked up off camera? Many viewers do not know this one. These two started dating after the True Blood pilot, but kept the relationship quiet. In 2009, they announced their engagement. NOW I see why that on-screen romance was so hot!


It Debunks Vampire Myths

There are some vampire myths that True Blood debunks. For example, viewers learned that vampires can appear in photographs and crosses, holy water and garlic does not scare them.


True Blood Titles

Do you know where True Blood gets the titles from? True Blood gets the titles from songs.


Sookie Likes Werewolves

Did you know that Sookie likes werewolves. Sookie discovers that vampires are not the only creatures walking the earth.

There you have 5 things about True Blood. If you are a True Blood fan, why do you like it so much?

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