5 Confessions from Twilight Fans ...


5 Confessions from Twilight Fans ...
5 Confessions from Twilight Fans ...

I have 5 confessions from Twilight fans. Take note, none of these confessions are mine.

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I Dream of Edward

Every night, I dream of Edward. Just last night, I dreamed I killed Bella and Edward and I lived happily ever after. When I sit in the classroom, I daydream about Edward. I’ll be sitting there learning about math, then the next second, I am running through the meadows with Edward. Oh yes, the green, green meadows and a sparkly boy.


I Have Edward Panties

My boyfriend actually got mad at me when he saw the type of panties I had on. Yes, I wear Edward panties. In fact, I have one for each day of the week. I guess I need to even it out and have panties with my boyfriends face on them too.


Re-read It 12 Times

I know, I know, there are other books out there, just as there are other fish in the sea, but in my mind, there is only one guy and that is Edward. There is only one book and that is Twilight. Is that really all that bad? Is it bad that I have read it 12 times already?


Posters All over My Room

I have posters of Edward all over my room. I just can’t seem to get enough of them. It wouldn’t be so bad, if my husband didn’t get mad about it.


Twilight Bed Sheets

I love the Twilight bed sheets I have. There’s only one thing, my husband refuses to sleep in my bed with them. That’s okay, because I am not giving up my sheets. I guess he has to continue sleeping on the floor.

Man am I glad these are not my confessions – these are confessions from others and I am not allowed to give out names. So, do you have a confession?

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@Amber Dickson, he is a gay fairy not a vampire

Haha not surprised. Still don't know what people c in Edward. He's kinda annoying

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