5 Reasons I like Spyro ...

When I first got married, my husband showed me Spyro on the PS1 and I liked it. He then introduced me to Spyro on the Gamecube and I liked it even more. Now, we purchased Spyro, which is on the 360 and I believe I like it even more. It has definitely improved. My favorite about the game is the fact that it is now two players – that means my husband and I can play it or my daughter and I can play it together. I actually like the cute little dragon. I even named my bird Spyro. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons I like Spyro …

5. He’s Purple

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Of course, Barney the dinosaur is purple, but I do not like him. However, it is a plus to see that this little dragon is purple in color.

4. He’s a Dragon

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Needless to say, I really like dragons. I have always had a thing for dragons, so of course, it make sense that I like Spyro.

3. He Flies

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I like how this one flies around! He is such a cool little creature. He’s cute when he is flapping his wings or gliding.

2. He Reminds Me of My Dog

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I have to say, this little critter reminds me of my dog. Now, I have a pit bull and a wiener dog and Spyro reminds me of the little dog. You know, because of the way he acts.

1. He Has a Cocky Attitude

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Oh yes, this is a little dragon with attitude! I really like his cocky little attitude he has. It’s funny seeing it come from such a little fellow like himself.

Those are 5 reasons I like Spyro. If you have never saw him before, you should definitely look up some pictures. You should also play some of the games. So, do you think he is cute.

Top Photo Credit: Sanutawolf

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