5 Reasons to Love Your Werewolf Boyfriend ...

I may have spoilers in here, so if you have not read Breaking Dawn beware! Of course, Bella had her chance to get a werewolf boyfriend, but she blew it. Yet, I do not blame her for doing it. Since I am a big fan of vampires and am on Edward’s side, I believe she picked a good guy. Besides, it’s Reneesme who will now have the werewolf boyfriend – you know, when she is older, because he imprinted on her at a young age.

5. He Imprinted

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Obviously, if you have a werewolf boyfriend, he imprinted on you. I am speaking from a Twilight point of view here. When I read that Jacob imprinted on Reneesme, I was definitely impressed. I can’t remember if I saw this one coming or not. I think I had to read the page over a couple of times before it sunk in fully.

4. You Can Pet Him

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Of course, you can pet a human boyfriend, but I am not sure if he is going to enjoy that or not. He may stare at you in a strange sort of way. Now, with a werewolf boyfriend, when you go to pet them (on their head), they are not going to be confused at all.

3. They Are Strong

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There is no denying that a werewolf is strong. While I have never gotten the opportunity to feel the strength of one, I could only imagine.

2. You Don’t Have to Change Yourself

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When you are the girlfriend of a werewolf, you will not have to change yourself for him. However, with a vampire, they generally want you to step into their vampire world with them. We witnessed that with Bella.

1. Because They’re a Werewolf

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Hey, why not love your werewolf boyfriend? He is a werewolf! They are so much better than humans. Sorry girls, I can’t say they’re better than vampires, that would be against my beliefs.

There you have 5 reasons to love your werewolf boyfriend. Can you think of anymore?

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