5 Top Alien Movies ...


5 Top Alien Movies ...
5 Top Alien Movies ...

What was your favorite alien movie? Well, there are tons of alien movies I would like to point out, but I narrowed it down to just 5 movies. Aliens have always a question if they exist and one day I hope they do. However, I hope they come in peace. Here is my 5 top alien movies…

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This movie is a classic and every kid should see it once in their life time. This movies tells you how the government might act if they catch a alien on our planet. Sad to know they might scare off anything that might consist of other life somewhere else.


Deed Space: down Fall

This cartoon movie is the story about what happen before the game takes place. You get to watch what happen to the people on the ship and why they started changing into these aliens. For a cartoon they did an awesome job to make a scary alien movie and if you play the game, prepare to be scared.


Aliens Vs Predator 2

This movie wasn’t a letdown and it showed how fast the aliens would take to inhabit a small area. They whipped out the whole town in matter of minutes. As soon as the first Xenomorphs were hatched, they took over. Only a small group survived. If I seen one of those things, I would be needing a new pair of underpants.



This movie just came out and explains that there are different Predators species. These predators steal humans to hunt them down. They choose carefully on what prey they choose. You might think that everyone is playing their part to survive, but you might want to think about the doctor. There is a twisted plot and you will see who survives. This movie was awesome, but two short.



The movie aliens came out the year after I was born and it was scary for it’s time. This movie is the sequel to the first movie called alien. These aliens use the humans as host, to breed. The alien pops out the chest and kills the host. They also eat the host to survive. This is a very good alien movie for its time and still is.

Now that you know what alien movies I like. What movies would you have added here that are your favorite?

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