My 5 Favorite Eclipse Scenes and Why ...

Eclipse had some excellently descriptive scenes. My 5 favorite Eclipse scenes and why I like them are listed below. I don’t go into great detail on each scene, just in case you haven’t finished the entire book.

5. Edward’s Proposal

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Who can’t love the fact that there was finally an actual proposal. I think this was a great segue into the final installment in the Twilight series.

4. Battle with the Newborns

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I was thrilled that the wolves and vampires could work together on this one. I thought it was an excellent twist, considering the pact that they had with one another for the past hundred years or so.

3. Jasper’s Flashback

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I thought that flashbacks to how Jasper became a vampire were very insightful. It was a great part of the story and surprising to hear just how much he had to go through before he ever met the Cullen family.

2. The Tent Scene with Bella and Jacob

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I thought the entire tent scene was fantastic. From the moment Jacob climbed next to Bella to warm her to the part where he eventually storms out of the tent.

1. The Fight with Victoria

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This is a scene that I hope is still as excellent in the movie. The two wolves helping out Edward was a great piece to this scene. The finale to this epic piece was amazing!

Hopefully I didn’t spoil any good parts of the book for you! I enjoyed seeing the movie - it was great and I can't wait to own it on DVD. Do you have a particular scene in the book that you recall vividly? Why do you think you remember this one so well?

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