5 Things I like about Alice ...


Alice is one of my favorite characters in Twilight. There are many reasons as to why she was one o fmy favorite characters. Below, I am going to give you 5 things I like about Alice …

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Her Style

Her since of style has to be looked at! It’s really good and that is one of the things I like about Alice. She cares about not only her style, but Bella’s as well.


How She Decorates

She has really good ideas on decorating. Bella’s wedding was beautiful, don’t you think? What about Bella’s wedding dress?


How She Watches over Bella

Face it, Bella needed someone to watch over her like Alice did. She watched over her when Edward left and that is how she knew Bella jumped over the cliff. She was watching her the whole time. I think it’s her fault (and that is a good thing) that Edward and Bella reunited.


How She Sees the Future

I really like how she can look into the future like she does. It’s not always accurate and she has to look deeper, but it is still neat. For example, do you remember how she saw Bella jump off of the cliff and thought she was dead? That’s what I mean by it is not always accurate.


How She is a Vampire

Of course, this was going to be my number one thing that I like about Alice. If she were not a vampire, then she may be like any other girl out there. Alice makes a great vampire, don’t you think?

Those are 5 things I like about Alice. What do you think about Alice? Do you think Twilight would have been as good if Alice was not in the book? I don’t think it would have been – it would have been missing something.

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