5 Reasons to Love Edward ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons to Love Edward ...

Edward is one of the main characters that played in Twilight. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons to love Edward …

Table of contents:

  1. he sparkles
  2. he plays the piano
  3. he is set back in the day
  4. he will write you a lullaby
  5. he’s a vampire

5 He Sparkles

Yeah, he sparkles. I know, I have said it before, but I just can’t leave this out. I mean, come on, does your boyfriend sparkle? Sure, he can if you put a heck of a lot of body glitter on him, but it won’t be as pretty!

4 He Plays the Piano

Come on, can you imagine how good he must play the piano? That would definitely be music to the ears, don’t you think? That would be something that we could not turn down. I mean, here you have this perfect vampire playing music that is obviously flawless – how could you not like this?

3 He is Set Back in the Day

Call me crazy, but I like how Edward is set back in the day. I think this is a big turn on – what do you think about it?

2 He Will Write You a Lullaby

Do you remember the lullaby that he wrote Bella? Of course you do. Well, don’t you think that is a reason to love Edward? Not many guys out there will take the time to write a lullaby for their partner, but he did and that gives him big kudos with the girls. Maybe the guys in this world will learn a thing or two from Edward – yeah right.

1 He’s a Vampire

Okay, I have said it before and I will say it again – the main reason I like him is not because of his looks or anything in that form, it is because he is a vampire. If he were not a vampire, then I probably would not have given him the time of the day.

So, there are the 5 things to love about Edward. Why do you love him? Let’s start at 100 and make our way down – each time you comment – add to the list and number your stuff!

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